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Humble Beginnings


As with many Silicon Valley stories, ours started from a garage – filled with tools, sawdust, and dreams.    The first step to realizing those dreams into reality brought us into a literal broom closet with no windows, hidden in a small alleyway in the midst of downtown Mountain View, CA.   There, we worked, envisioned, and dreamed some more.   It wasn’t easy, but we had fun.

Muujee Today


Nestled among an eclectic mix of restaurants and boutique shops, the Muujee shop today is located on a quaint street in the historic downtown of Sunnyvale, California (40 miles south of San Francisco). The bustling café diners next to our office are often patroned by “Silicon Valley” entrepreneurs from the likes of Google and Apple. While their conversations usually center around high-tech acronyms, we at the shop envelope ourselves in the world of bookbinding, woodworking, printing and engraving.